The ConnectiveCARE enterprise platform, combined with smart IOT-connected devices, such as the mCareWatch, powers a comprehensive easy-to-use single view of your entire enterprise. It monitors a host of measures for every resident, with the option of extending monitoring to boost OH&S outcomes for staff both onsite and offsite.

mCareWatch Wearable Device
ConnectiveCARE Platform

In addition to the individual view of the data, the ConnectiveCare enterprise platform provides deep analytic capability of the combined aggregate data.

This capability can be used to improve risk management and support compliance, power facility-wide initiatives, and provide deeper insights into how to improve the experience and outcomes of one of the most rapidly growing demographics in the western world.

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Peter Apostolopoulos mCare Digital
We believe the solution we’re offering will be welcomed by the industry in general, and especially by leading facilities looking for the best available solutions to better meet risk management and other standards. That includes meeting new legislative guidelines coming onstream in 2019.

The combination of safety and data benefits represent the most compelling offer in the industry. We’re looking at both immediate and long-term benefits for all concerned, with unprecedented levels of reassurance, insight and meaningful opportunities to improve.
Steven Hulse WingArc Australia
We are experts in helping governments and organisations to understand and use their data to achieve better outcomes. Applying our methodology and solutions to aged care in particular is extremely exciting.

It’s a field where we are now able to collect vast volumes of data, and so there’s a huge need to draw valuable insights and evidence to guide action, whether at operational organisation level or government policy level.

Established in 2012, mCare Digital is a leading-edge Australian software specialist.

Our ConnectiveCARE one stop, multi-purpose digital platform supports the safety and wellbeing of all Australians – both individuals and organisations.

Data is a valuable strategic asset, and organisations today are collecting increasing amounts of it, but unless they have the right tools in place, the value of that data will be lost. At WingArc, we are experts in unlocking insights, helping businesses around the world to make better supported decisions, more quickly.

We aim to change the world by delivering innovative software and services that enable customers to harness the full value of their data. With this goal in mind, we have developed a suite of software products and solutions that are designed to enable our customers to effectively use and obtain strategic insights from their data.

Our Business Intelligence analytics solution, MotionBoard and our advanced data processing component, Dr Sum, power the dashboard and analytics components of ConnectiveCARE.